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Thanks for being part of the journey (aka who needs to shop this weekend when you could win our badass prizes instead!)  By Little Sister Hayes

Thanks for being part of the journey (aka who needs to shop this weekend when you could win our badass prizes instead!) By Little Sister Hayes

Thanks for being part of the journey (aka who needs to shop this weekend when you could win our badass prizes instead!)

By Little Sister Hayes

Here at the Bosley Network, we’re thankful for you our listeners and we think of you every single day. Kush Hayes, our executive producer, encourages our team to always think about whether a decision or content would be useful or valuable or entertaining to our listeners. Kush produced his first tv show one decade ago today and in its first hour it regionally beat out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (we still love the Snoopy Balloon but still, pretty awesome especially in California). Ten years later, you listeners are located in at least six countries - sometimes 15 depending on the episode! - and today in the United States is the day that we traditionally count our blessings. You listeners are at the top of our team’s list.

On a personal note, I’m grateful that I get to say I’m the sister of our executive producer, that he allows me to help out with the network, and that we get to bring you incredibly talented individuals like Kai and guests like Madeleine and Jaimel and Bobby to share their perspective and analysis on this incredible artform called film. Not to mention life.

And of course I’m thankful that my husband of 19 years (aka Brother in Law Hayes) received his life saving miracle this year. He was hospitalized for five months and during that time you listeners, our amazing show hosts, and our sponsors provided a beacon of hilarity and light that helped me keep going. Special shout out to one of our amazing network sponsors, Burke Williams Day Spa (check them out in California although here in Cali I don’t need to say that because they need no introduction). Burke Williams sent Kush and me to escape to Universal Studios for the day during the midst of the very serious medical scare and it was so great to kick back in Springfield with a Duff beer for Kush, perfect frozen margaritas for both of us, and take a break from hoping for our miracle while camped in the Cedars-Sinai ICU. It happened to be July 4 (also another big day here in the States) and Kush has said he will remember always the view of the fireworks from every angle as the freeway took him back to LAX that evening. (Geographic detail: Kush is in San Francisco, I’m in LA, Kai’s in Florida, and you are located in the majority of United States plus five more countries. Quite an amazing village.)

Like in the best feel-good movies, our miracle did arrive. Brother in Law Hayes was saved, and when the dust settled we realized that our family is pretty damn fortunate. That’s where our sponsors came in again. To celebrate this amazing miracle the team has decided that we’re dedicating our one year celebrations to raising money for children who need life saving medical care. We chose St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because they save children around the world and never send any family a bill for anything (including travel, food, housing, and medical care).

So. We have one week left to go and so far you’ve helped us raise $775. This is fantastic! With Giving Tuesday coming up next week (here in the States, that’s the day many nonprofits hope to be remembered, kind of like Boxing Day to our understanding) and with many nonprofits counting on this season to build up their funds for the coming winter and new year, our sponsors are offering significant incentives to encourage you to donate. Everyone who makes a gift to St. Jude’s by November 30 will be eligible to win items including jewelry, art, steak dinner, spa visits, and even Alaskan gourmet treats for your canine family members.

To enter, please donate any amount to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by November 30 at this link customized for our network:

The Bosley Network proudly thanks our sponsors: GUND, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Burke Williams Day Spa, Cote d’Azur Spa, artist Christopher Madden, The Sparkle Bomb, Ruby Snacks Alaskan Dog Biscuits, and Dupree’s Massage Room - the official west coast massage therapist to President and First Lady Obama.

Thank you listeners. We can’t wait to award you prizes on December 1 and we encourage you to reach out if you have ideas for content or topics you’d like more of. We’re here for and because of you. (And thanks to Kush for being the best executive producer. Love you Bro.)

Happy Thanksgiving! Peace.

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