Its all here. Your Favorite Kahuna Kids - in podcast form!

Go Fish
Miguel AKF.png

Earlier this week on the Los Angeles subway on my way home from work, two teens proudly showed me the Albino Koi Fish they’d just bought and named Miguel. The young men eagerly told me they hope Miguel lives 10 years and explained they have a plan for how they’re going to share taking care of him when they go off to college in case they don’t get into the same school. I listened attentively, pleased to learn all this.

They had me at the mention of ten years - a mystically charged milestone if there ever was one. And it strikes me that these enthusiastic new pescaguardians (see what I did there?) are exactly what’s needed in our world, especially for those of us trying to create reality from our inner visions.

Think of it. These young men are brimming with joy and enthusiasm, eager to share their news - not hiding it or playing it safe. They have named their venture. They have a backup plan. They have passion.

They also have each other. When we consider our crew, would we want to share custody of a lucky Albino Koi Fish (or our personal equivalent coveted treasure) with them? If not, why not? If we cherish and accept our crew as they are, do we need to supplement them with anyone else? Do we feel stronger with our crew or on our own? The answer is telling.

My wish for each of you is that you will give words to your plans with trusted others and courageously share your good news. In doing so, my hope is that you will align with allies, supporters, clients, and friends who will help you increase your fulfillment and expedite your success. All of us here at The Bosley Network wish our new friends from the subway, Miguel the Albino Koi, and you and yours abundant joy and fulfillment. Thanks for joining us for the journey. Whenever we can be of help, please reach out. We’re glad you’re here.